All ages can take advantage of living in the greatest theater city in the world with these family-friendly shows. Age ranges are very subjective; each kid is unique. Click through the show title to see details on language/sexual content/violence etc plus ticket discounts. Also see tips on seat selection, bathrooms and more.

⭐️ Younger kids (or anyone looking for a deal) can start with Off-Broadway shows (determined by the theater's size, not location). Plus see our list of limited runs and kid-friendly concerts for interactive/relaxed shows for squirmier theater goers (some of them free).

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214 W 42nd St

⏱  2 hours 30 minutes
🎟 $57.50-$199.50, lottery available
* Ages 4+, lots of flash & no one dies

Hear all the classic songs from the 1992 animated film plus new ones that deepen the main character's stories. Abu has been replaced by a trio of goofy friends who provide comic relief as they try to assist Aladdin. Lots of spectacular costumes, sets and production numbers with great dancing, plus hilarious riffing from Genie. A great first Broadway shows for kids.

The Lion King

200 W 45th St

⏱ 2 hours 30 minutes
🎟 $109-$252, lottery available
* Ages 6+, it's a bit scary & sad

Puppets and live actors create a magical world to tell the story of Simba's rise to the throne in this worldwide sensation and winner of six Tony Awards. Based on the beloved 1994 movie, but very much a new re-imagining based on South African traditions with new songs, gorgeous African-inspired dancing, spectacular larger-than-life puppets and ingenious special effects.

Back to the Future: The Musical

1634 Broadway at W 50th St

⏱ 2 hours 40 minutes
🎟 $79-$299, lottery & rush available
* Ages 6+, loud & exciting

Expect lots of fun, spectacle, and '80s nostalgia in this fast-paced musical based on the 1985 blockbuster. Features new music and lyrics alongside songs from the film including "The Power of Love" and "Johnny B. Goode" and astounding special effects - the Delorean is onstage and unforgettable.

Great for all ages who can understand the the time travel concept and handlevickiness of moms being attracted to their sons. The script stays close to the film and the new music, but the talented actors and technical design are great at bringing these beloved characters and moments to life.


200 W 45th St

⏱ 2 hours 30 minutes
🎟 $89-$338, rush available
* Ages 6+, some swearing, mature themes

This pop, feminist take on Shakespeare reimagines Juliet's story with humor and hip choreo. Songs from the '90s through today -  including hits from Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and The Weeknd - are woven into the clever story as Shakespeare and his wife battle over the heroine's fate.


222 W 51st St

⏱ 2 hours 45 minutes
🎟 $105-$232, lottery available
* Ages 7+, spectacular but can be scary with a complex plot

This mega-hit musical take on The Wizard of Oz tells the backstory of the the misunderstood, green-skinned Wicked Witch of the West and bubbly, popular Glinda. Their initial rivalry turns in an unlikely friendship as they discover that the labels good and evil can be misused. Memorable pop-sounding songs, a large cast in spectacular costumes and extravagant sets entertain all ages.


256 W 47th Street

⏱ 80 minutes with no intermission
🎟 $99-$399, lottery available
* Ages 7+, short & energetic but some innuendo

From Tudor Queens to Pop Princesses, the six wives of Henry VIII take the mic to remix five hundred years of historical heartbreak into an exuberant celebration of 21st century girl power. More like a rock concert than a traditional musical, with each of the wives singing her story in the style of pop stars like Beyonce and Ariana Grande. A short running time and relaxed atmosphere make it a great show for kids who can handle lots of noise and somewhat racy history.


250 W 52nd St

⏱ 2 hours 30 minutes
🎟 $59-$250, lottery available
* Ages 8+, child abuse & creepy monsters

Centered around the making of his 1992 Dangerous World Tour, this flashy musical celebrates Michael Jackson's singular moves and signature sound. The plot is not much and avoids exploring problematic aspects of Jackson's life, but the lead actor Myles Frost's stellar performance and electrifying choreography dazzle, plus the songs are so good.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

214 W 43rd St

⏱ 3 hours 45 minutes
🎟 $59-$199, lottery & rush available
* Ages 9+, scary & super long

A sequel centered around Harry and Draco's teen sons is best for those who have read/watched the whole series to avoid confusion and spoilers. Expect exciting time travel, spectacular spells and epic battles with excellent acting, impressive puppetry, stunning theatrical special effects and a magical atmosphere. A special treat for Potterheads who can handle the violence in the series and listen quietly for almost 4 hours.


246 W 44th Street

⏱ 2 hours 20 minutes
🎟 $59-$199, lottery & rush available
* Ages 9+, explicit language, silly innuendo & cartoonish violence
* closing April 7

The zany musical comedy lovingly ripped off from the film classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail returns to Broadway with tap-dancing knights, flying cows, killer rabbits, rubbery shrubbery and gags galore.

Some of the humor in this parody of medieval times and musical theater may confuse or shock younger kids, but rousing production numbers with an energetic cast of Tony winners & nominees never fail to entertain.


226 W 46th St

⏱ 2 hours 45 minutes
🎟 $159-$399, lottery available
* Ages 10+, profanity, deaths & adult situations

This Tony/Grammy/Pulitzer Prize winning hip-hop musical phenomenon lives up to the hype - and is a great way to get the young, scrappy and hungry excited about US history. See our tips and resources for learning more about the moment and movement.

We know some mega-fans under 10 years old; depends on the kid and the parent's comfort level


⭐️ Make sure kids of any age are ready to sit quietly through the entire running time; let them know they can only ask questions/make comments quickly during applause. Be ready to leave if your kid is being disruptive. Perhaps bring a quiet snack to see them through (fruit snacks work well).

⭐️ Aisle seats on the side orchestra are great for quick escapes, cheaper then center orchestras and provide a clear view to the stage for shorties. Mezzanines are also good for shorter bodies, though the front row sometimes has high bars in the way.

⭐️ Booster seats usually available first come-first served; ask an usher when you arrive.

💰 Save with our thorough guide to ticket discounts. Buy at the box office if you can to save on hefty online service fees (plus get personal advice on seats). Prices vary by date & time - weeknight tickets are usually cheapest.

🚽 Bathroom lines can get very long quickly, so run there as soon as Act I ends.

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Lulu the Broadway Mouse

Ratatouille meets Broadway in a charming middle grade novel about a little mouse with big dreams of starring on the Broadway stage (where she lives). A human girl in the cast of a show becomes Jayne's guide through the world of her theatre and its wonderfully kooky cast and crew as they try to make their starstruck dreams come true.

Better Nate Than Ever

In this hilarious and heartwarming behind-the-scenes chapter book for older kids (now a film on Disney+), a small-town boy hops a bus to New York City to crash an audition for E.T.: The Musical.


Learn about the development of the first New York theaters and the birth and evolution of the American musical in a lively and engaging chapter book (part of the popular Who is/Where is series). Get the inside story on favorite stars and shows (including Hamilton) and discover new favorites.