Splish Splash


2549 Splish Splash Drive
New York, NYΒ 

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$44.99-$74.99, $30/parking

Splash among 96 acres of 20 water slides, rides, and attractions, including two wavepools, a large Kiddie Area and a lazy river. Everything is close together with lots of trees and shade.

Favorite rides of my thrill-seeking 10-year-old: Bombs Away – very fast, 300-foot slides perched on a tower over 50 feet in the air. You stand in a capsule and wait a countdown until the floor drops beneath you. Hyperlight – pulsing lights and music that feel like a nightclub. Bootleggers Run – a four-man raft that actually goes uphill with new generation hydromagnetic technology.Minimum heights of 42 or 48 inches on some rides.

Stow stuff in lockers ($15) or cubbies throughout the park. Strollers can be rented for $10. There are lockers by the entrance but more conveniently located ones at ‘Doo Drop’ by the wave pool. Life jackets available throughout the park for no charge.

🍽 Dining options include Johnny Rockets, tacos, Dipping Dots, slushies and Wafel & Dinges by the entrance. Use the QR code in front of some stands to order on your phone without waiting in line.

πŸ’° The park is cash free. Get a waterproof pouch on a lanyard for your phone (available for more at the gift shop) to pay with Apple Pay at most vendors.

🎟 Try to go early in the season or no a weekday to avoid loooong lines. A lot of rides have two lines – one to pick up the tubes, one to get on the ride.

🎟 H2Go passes allow you to skip the main line; though you will have to wait in a 20-30 minute fast pass line. Use a digital wristband to reserve rides, with waiting times varying by pice point. With the H2Go Standard Pass ($50), your reservation time will be equal to the current wait time, however, you don’t have to physically stand in line. Premium H2Go Pass ($75) cuts the digital wait time by 50%, Elite H2Go Pass ($120.00) cut the digital wait time by 90%, but you still have to wait in the fast pass line behind those that paid way less than you. Season passes also available.